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November 3, 2009

Ontario Government Proposes New Auto Insurance Options

According to The Globe and Mail, the Ontario government is proposing to allow consumers to purchase less auto insurance coverage in order to keep down their auto insurance premiums.

Proposed changes include:

- lower the minimum medical and rehabilitation coverage for auto insurance to $50,000 from the current $100,000;
- adding a new deductible for property damage; and
- removing an insurer's right to an assessment from their own doctor if they disagree with the findings of the insurance company's health provider.


  1. The health care professional associations and the insurance industry should jointly develop standards for the delivery of third party medical examinations as well as qualifications for assessors. FSCO would facilitate the process.

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  3. Well these changes will serve better opportunities and benefits to both the parties indulged. All of us do wanted to have an auto policy and also tries to lower the premium cost too by following one or the other way. Thanks for updating all of us with this information.

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