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January 9, 2013

Loss Transfer - Cost of Assessments

Early this year, we blogged on a decision by Justice Greer holding that the costs of insurer generated assessments under s. 42 of the SABS are not recoverable under the loss transfer provisions (Wawanesa v. Axa).  The matter was appealed to the Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal decision is found at 2012 ONCA 592.  The Court dismissed the appeal.  Section 275(1) of the Insurance Act provides:

The insurer responsible under subsection 268(2) for the payment of statutory accident benefits to such classes of persons as may be named in the regulations is entitled, subject to such terms, conditions, provisions, exclusions and limits as may be prescribed, to indemnification in relation to such benefits paid by it from the insurers of such class or classes of automobiles as may be named in the regulations involved in the incident from which responsibility to pay the statutory accident benefits arose.

Justice Weiler held that the words "in relation to" convey a connection between two related subject matters.  A "connection" must be between statutory benefits paid and the cost of the assessment, and only exists if the ABs were actually paid.  If the assessment only saved some benefits from being paid unnecessarily there would be full indemnification, but no indemnification if no benefits were paid.  The legislature could not have intended such an anomalous result. In addition, the connection should be between insurer generated assessments and ABs paid to the insured, whereas the cost of the assessment is paid to the doctor who conducts the assessment.

Justice Blair wrote a dissenting opinion, preferring a wide scope to the words "in relation to" that would include the cost of assessments.

Giving the dissenting opinion, perhaps this matter will be headed to the Supreme Court for final clarification, especially given the rising costs of assessments.

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