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March 12, 2015

No Costs Awarded to Either Party

A recent decision confirms the decision a court has to make no award of costs to either party.

In Swatridge v. Waters Estate (2014), ONSC 5333 (S.C.J.), the defendant in a motor vehicle action made an offer to settle of $5,000 all inclusive.  The plaintiff's offer was for $85,000 ($55,000 net of the deductible) plus costs and disbursements.

At trial, the jury awarded $10,000 gross for general damages, and $0 for loss of income, housekeeping/home maintenance and medical/rehabilitation expenses.  After the deductible was applied, the new result to the plaintiff was $0.

Justice Ferguson declined to award costs to either side, holding that "The court cannot be blinded by the somewhat artificial characterizations of both the offer to settle and the trial result."  The reality was that an offer to settle amounting to zero dollars was made and rejected, and a trial was held and the result was a judgment for zero dollars. 

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