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October 7, 2015

Pre-Judgment Interest in Auto Claims

We previously blogged on Cirillo v. Rizzo, where the Court held that s. 258.3(8.1) of the Insurance Act should be applied retroactively (the section provides that pre-judgment interest should be calculated in accordance with s. 127 of the Courts of Justice Act). 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, another judge has come to the opposite conclusion.  In El-Khodr v. Lackie, 2015 ONSC 4766 (S.C.J), Justice Toscano Roccomo held that s. 258.3(8.1) is substantive law, therefore it cannot be applied retroactively.

Until there is appellate authority on this issue, it may be that the calculation of PJI in motor vehicle actions is a matter for negotiation in settlement discussions.

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