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October 30, 2009

Tara Pollitt

For the one or two people out there who regularly follow this blog (thanks Mom), you may have noticed that there have been new contributions made in the last month by Tara Pollitt. There is also a new photo on the main page - the white haired guy is me, in case you couldn't guess.

So, this is to officially announce that Ms. Pollitt is now a co-editor/writer. Tara grew up in Owen Sound. She received an undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo and a law degree from the University of Western Ontario. Suffice to say, she is smarter than me. Tara practiced law initially on the plaintiff side for several years at a well-known plaintiff's law firm before switching over to practice law exclusively for insurance clients. We at McCall Dawson are glad she made the change. So are her clients.

I am very happy to have Tara join me on this blog. We hope you enjoy our regular legal updates in the weeks and months to come. We are always happy to have your comments.

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